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Another erotic fantasy from Japan

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As a young girl growing in the heart of japan and with quite religious parents, I would say that up to age 19, I was a very sexually reserved girl. Although many boys had tried to hit on me, I had never given them a minute of my day so I was obviously a virgin at many things. I had never kissed, never watched pornography and never even touched myself.

I remember the day I began noticing that I had sexual feelings, to be really honest, I thought I was immune. Sites like Pornhub didn’t have a single effect on me. That day I had been watching a movie that has a lot of striping and sexual activity and I remember feeling very aroused and i got wet. Later that week I decided to surf on the internet about ways a girl could satisfy herself, because the movie had left me wanting. I read about how sex toys can be useful. So I decided to talk to my best friend about how I could get one. She bought me a dildo and said I would really enjoy it.

I was living with my parents and so I had to be discrete, I dint want them finding me naked mid- orgasm. So I waited ill late in the night. Iwent to the bathroom just to be sure everyone was asleep. When I got back to my room, I watched myself walk past the mirror and I admired myself. I removed my pajama bottoms slowly and sexy like a stripper would then I just began touching myself.I imagined there were men watching and I would motion to them to come and lick then fuck me. I sat on my study table and began playing with my clitoris. I had never felt anything so electrifying happen to my body. I just wanted o keep going. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, my nipples were erect.

I switched off the light and go to bed. I had a feeling of raw unexplored sexuality. I found that there was something utterly arousing about being naked for the sole purpose of wanton sexual gratification. In bed, I was surprisingly sexy to have my nipples and bottom rub against the cools sheets. I spread my legs wider and continued playing with my clitoris. I rubbed my clitoris, lusting after myself, lusting after this highly praised feeling of orgasm.

I slowly slipped my fingers into my vagina. An earlier thought of me stripping and feeling wet because of being watched came to me. I suddenly wanted an instrument bigger than my fingers inside me, as I remember watching Japanese girls doing, two days ago on AllJapanesepass. I took the dildo. My fingers stopped working on my clitoris. I stopped breathing. I eased the dildo in and every moment was extreme pleasure. I then realized that I was feeling this intensely and I hadn’t rubbed.

I arched my legs a little so I could drive the dildo deeper. I started rubbing it in and out. I continued doing It faster. Although the distance was shorter now, I was moving very fast. My breathing intensified. Within seconds I felt an orgasm rise and overwhelm me in intense but slow waves of pure pleasure

Oh my God! Yess OHH Yess!



Samantha’s loud moanings rang in the darkness of the room. Oliver jabbed a button and the image froze and sound died. He then stared at the enormous screen. On the other side of the monitor was a bank of small screens. He could watch several movies simultaneously edit them, merge them or do whatever he liked. This scene was one of his favorite honeymoon movies.
Samantha’s mouth was a wide Zero and her eyes were completely shut. She was on her forearms and knees on a low coffee table in the middle of their royal suite’s living room. She wore only her bridal jewelry and nothing else. Around her ears, dangled gold and diamond earrings and a lipstick mark dotted her forehead.
Her pendulous breasts were swollen and heavy with desires, the nipples stiff and long, her knees deeply bent and beautiful head flung back. Oliver pressed the button and the image began to move again. Her body swung and rock gently back and forth. She gasped heavily, chewing her upper lip.
“Let us do it, Oliver, fuck me!” She gasped
A skin colored dildo disappeared inexorably into her hole. He held her hips and pushed the sex toy deep and deep into her. Samantha cried out. The master chuckled softly and buried the ten-inch dildo in her flesh driving it into her hilt. Samantha moaned, writhing her buttock against the dildo.
He slid his hands up her golden skin and squeezed her breasts, twining his fingers in her hair and rasping his cold hard fingers across her nipples. She gasped chewing her lower lip in excitement.
Suddenly, without asking Oliver she got up and started out for the pool.
“Where are you going?” Oliver stood at the door, blocking her way.
“For a swim. Do you mind?”
“Not at all,” He said coldly, “Do as you please.”
Swimming lazily across the pool, Samantha studied the handsome lifeguard. His name was David and he wore a very small and tight swimming trunks. Samantha’s eyes lingered on the fascinating curve between his thighs. He caught her eyes and smiled. She swam to him and stopped by the edge of the pool by his feet.
“Please help me come out.” Her voice was soft, gentle and erotic. David jumped to his feet and helped her out of the swimming pool. For a moment, they paused, their almost naked bodies touching each other. He could smell her perfume, gentle, teasing, tempting and sexy.
“So nice of you!” She said gently and her finger caressed his penis in an unmistakable gesture. David’s eyes widened in shock. There was no doubt about her intention. He gasped. giggled and turned away quickly.
Oliver was sunbathing. Samantha sat down beside him on a huge wooden slated white deck chair. Plucking his glasses off his head, she chuckled, “Hey husband!” and slid her finger upon his superb chest and bent over to kiss his lip lightly. Oliver sat still. Her fingers were soft and-and gentle and her lips were warm and moist.
Avinash felt a flicker of desire. They saw in each other’s eyes and smiled. But they could not notice David looking at both of them from the corner of the pool.

Non Stop Entertainment at Growing Age



It was the story of two old folks, John and Allan, who were young long ago, but now their faces have got some wrinkles and minds have grown feeble. At their young ages, they would enjoy their lives with full vigor and versatility – going on night outs, having sex with new girlfriends and many other entertainment activities were the major part of their lifestyle. They would believe that such kind of entertainment in their lives will continue forever. They were completely unaware of the hitches and glitches of old age, that is going to strike them soon very badly.
They got married with their best choices respectively. Life was good and things were getting exciting and entertaining for them – but, it was not for a very long period. They got stuck in the 9 to 5 life and some enjoyment with their respective wives.
John was getting extremely disturbed with his life that was getting boring with every passing minute, so was the case with Allan – but Allan has become a bit silent due to pressure of his day to day life routine and decreasing earnings. Now, they would rarely meet each other. John decided to search for the restoration of his entertainment in his bored life. He visited some prominent consultants and searched for solutions to his problems related sex and entertainment. One day, he found some very exciting things through Google search online. He read about those items and found very exciting to use for restoring his life entertainment.
The item that John found entertaining was a sex toy, which was fit for his needs. He ordered those toys for man online. He got the parcel of entertainment very soon. It was looking exciting and erotic for John and he started using it as a change in his sexual life for some time. The things started changing in his life. He was getting more relaxed and energetic. His performance in day to day activities also started improving.
One day, he decided to talk to his old buddy about his life. He drove to his house and offered to take a cup of coffee outside to refresh the old memories. He came to know that there was no entertainment in the life of his friend Allan. He was a bit down to know that, but was confident that his advice will help his friend to achieve a great level of entertainment in his life. He suggested his friend to choose some of the best items related to sex and entertainment. They are available at very reasonable prices with free home delivery service.
First time, Allan was a bit hesitant, but he ultimately decided to choose some of the best sex items to restore the entertainment in his bored life. He chose some sex items for man online, and ordered online. He received those items at the address he provided to the shipper. He started using it.” It was an amazing experience,” he said in a telephone conversation with his friend John. “It is really working and my life is getting back on the entertaining track” he said.

Passion at the pool


The weather was perfect for an afternoon swim and I thought it would be wise to grab the opportunity. It was on a Sunday and my husband had just left to catch up with the boys as they played some football. So I was all alone in the house and since the pool offers enough privacy, I opted for a naked swim. I was dressed in nothing but a loose fitting thin fabric tee shirt and my underwear. I grabbed some ice tea from the kitchen and headed for the pool. I set my drink down and proceeded to undress. First off was my tee shirt and as I was just about to pull my panties down, I realized that it had been a while since I had given my body the grooming it deserved.

My bikini area was a bush and my panties did little to conceal this. I wondered why my husband had yet to point this out since he always like it well trimmed. Whenever he noticed it was getting bushy he’d offer to help me shave which I always declined. So I thought that I should first have a swim then do a nice trim. Once I dressed I immersed myself in the blue waters and the sensation was satisfying, the cool waters awakened all my senses and for a moment I wished Joe was there to enjoy the swim with me.

After a couple of rounds I rested on the shallow end of the pool, closed my eyes and just enjoyed the cool feeling that had enveloped my skin. I occasionally rose from this position to sip on my iced tea and then would go back to my world of imagination. A few minutes later I decided to go grab my grooming kit and bring it with me to the pool.

Once back at the pool I laid on the sun bed and spread my legs as far from each other as I could, to fully expose my warmth. My watched as my lips gently pulled apart to reveal my clit. I noticed a bit of wetness in them and this sent a tingly sensation up my abdomen. I was tempted to dig in my fingers but I restrained myself. I grabbed a small pair of pink scissors and began by trimming the hairs. I used my fingers to pull on the hairs and then cut them to avoid injury. I worked on the whole area carefully until I was pleased. I always trimmed my pubic hair and had never had a c lean shave, at least not one that I can remember.

In the grooming kit there was some shaving cream and after confirming that it was still good to use. I took a generous amount and spread it on my bikini area. The instructions said that I needed to wait 5-10minutes before removing the cream. I therefore laid back and continued to savor the warm Sunday afternoon sun.

I do not know how long I laid there before I felt something move on my groin. Startled, I quickly opened my eyes in confusion only to find Joe with the spatula wiping away the cream. Apparently one of his friends fell ill and they cancelled today’s game and he decided to come back home. I did not know how to react to this scene of him seating in between my legs with nothing but his boxers on and helping me shave off. I had just decided to push him away but he was way ahead of me. He asked me to go lie down and just enjoy him working on me. I obeyed.

As he wiped the cream away, he did it so gently that my legs occasionally twitched from the sensations his actions evoked. This was deliberate I assumed and from my closed eyes I imagined he must be wearing the smirk he always had on when he was about to devour my sweetness. Then the feelings stopped and for a while it was like he was not there. I opened my eyes to see him bending on the edge of a pool to soak a towel. He had done scrapping off the cream and he brought the damp towel to clean me.

The cool towel felt great but what felt even greater is when his finger went inside me. From the depth he explore I imagined it was his middle finger. He slowly brought it in and out of me while his thumb was gently pressed on my clit which was now erect. My back was now arching against the sun bed as he worked his magic. Then he reached for my grooming bag and retrieved our favorite sex toy. Just as luck would have it, out pink massive vibrator was in there. It was a gift I received on my bridal shower and it had been a while since we used it.

He first bent down to have a taste of my warmth before pinky (our vibrator) could. His tongue was warm and he gave me a firm lick all the way from my butt-hole to my clit before sucking round the vibrator and then putting it in me. Everything was so sexy and highly arousing that I felt my orgasm build up. With the vibrator on one hand lodged in my pussy, he came up to my twins. He first held each breast and lightly squeezed them before taking in the nipple one at a time.

I believe that at that point my moans were turning into screams. The closer the orgasm came up the harder he bit on my nipples and the deeper my nails dug into his back. The vibrator fit perfectly in me and it sent the sensations in me generously. With my back arched, my muscles tightened and I exploded. I had cum. He pulled out the vibrator and licked my honey which was all over it and dripping on his hand. I was yet to recover from my orgasm but this was so erotic and the sensations were coming back all over again. He brought the vibrator close to me and together we devoured the honey he had harnessed from my pot. We then locked in a passionate kiss with him on top of me. My legs were still wide apart and I could feel his fullness pressing on my groin, I knew it was my turn to please him.